Sep 17, 2011

Like Moths To A Flame

From the Associated Press:
Most of the top Republicans running for president are embracing plans to partially privatize Social Security, reviving a contentious issue that fizzled under President George W. Bush after Democrats relentlessly attacked it. ...
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has a version. Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Ron Paul of Texas have said younger workers should be allowed to invest in alternative plans. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has raised the idea of letting whole groups, such as state and local government workers, opt out of Social Security.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who recommends privatization of Social Security has no idea what it provides for the aged, the disabled, surviving spouses and children, etc.

Anonymous said...

And, those who advocate privitization have no concept that Social Security is an insurance, designed to kick in upon loss of income due to death, retirement, or disability. They always talk about it as strictly a [forced] savings for retirement.
Social Security is fully funded for the next how many years? And what other Federal program is funded past the end of this fiscal year? Not to mention that Social Security has worked as intended for 75 years.