Sep 8, 2011

Social Security Workforce Continues To Dwindle

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has posted updated figures for the number of employees at Social Security. Here they are, with earlier numbers for comparison purposes.
  •  June 2011 67,773
  • March 2011 68,700
  • December 2010 70,270
  • June 2010 69,600
  • March 2010 66,863
  • December 2009 67,486
  • September 2009 67,632
  • June 2009 66,614
  • March 2009 63,229
  • December 2008 63,733
  • September 2008 63,990
  • September 2007 62,407
  • September 2006 63,647
  • September 2005 66,147
  • September 2004 65,258
  • September 2003 64,903
  • September 2002 64,648
  • September 2001 65,377
  • September 2000 64,521
  • September 1999 63,957
  • September 1998 65,629


Anonymous said...

Take a two year pay freeze combined with an out of control workload and an early out offer, what does anyone expect? I'd like to know what the numbers are breaking down retirements and resignations/terminations.

Anonymous said...

Wait til the end of this year--with another pay freeze, hiring freeze, inceased workloads--don't stand in the way of the exits.

Anonymous said...

When your high three is frozen, your pension is also frozen, in large part. So what's the point of staying on, carrying heavier and heavier workloads for no incentive? Some people will do it simply because they love the work, they want to serve. But even those folks can and will get tired at some point.

Anonymous said...

the incentive to stay on is a continued paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. The only reason I am still with the Agency is because I have yet to find another job. As soon as I am able to find other work in this economy, I will be resigning. I feel my talent, hard work, and service to the public is not only undervalued but also unappreciated. I work in a job in which I am belittled and yelled at daily by frustrated claimants and coworkers/management. This is definitely not the career job I thought it was going to be...

Anonymous said...

A1:01PM, I hear you. That's why I retired a couple of years before I had planned to--and I was a Level 1 DM. The s*** gets worse the higher up you go. Best of luck to you; better to get out when you can before the lure of that pension (if there is one) gets you hooked. I'm loving life post-SSA.

Ralph de Juliis, President, AFGE Local 2505 said...

There are 11,800 GS 12s; 7,000 GS 13s; 2,800 GS 14s; 768 GS 15s.

The numbers in December 2010 were 12,100 GS 12s; 7,100 GS 13s; 2,800 GS 14s; 784 Gs 15s.

1 out of every 3 jobs in SSA is a GS 12 or higher in June 2011.

The higher grades lost only 400 position from 12/10 – 6/11.

The bulk of the job losses came from the ranks of the TSRs, SRs, CRs, BAs, and CAs. Yeah…I think SSA needs MORE higher graded employees to keep track of the GS 11s and below to make sure we are all working as hard as we possibly can!

What is missing from this data is the fact that in 2010 there was a LOT more overtime. So, if you take the number of OT hours and divide by what a person works in a year 2080 hours, how many THOUSANDS of additional employees did we have knocking out the work in 2010. We are not really DOWN 2500 employees from December 2010. If we calculate the number of Full Time Equivalents we had in overtime, we are probably down 10,000 employees.

So, tell me again, how cutting off the public an extra 30 minutes early is going to cure our workload and production issues?

Ralph de Juliis, President, AFGE Local 2505-SSA Field Offices, AR & OK

Anonymous said...

ralph, i think the plan is to make it so frustrating that the public gives up their claims and hence we will have less work. same reason why the payment centers turned off their phones and channeled all communication to management email. it is all meant to force us to choose what is more important -- our work or our time. it is a terrible practice but it is ultimately just a sign of how desperate we've gotten.

Anonymous said...

What would probably help production, Ralph, is for you and other union reps to actually do Social Security work instead of catering to the needs of poor performers and rude employees. Official time = a disservice to the American people.