Sep 21, 2011

Social Security Ends Gender No-Match Letters

From Metro Weekly:
The National Center for Transgender Equality announced this evening:
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has confirmed that it has ended the practice of allowing gender to be matched in its Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS). This will result in the immediate cessation of SSA sending notifications that alert employers when the gender marker on an employee's W-2 does not match Social Security records.
Asked about the decision, White House spokesman Shin Inouye told Metro Weekly, "The White House welcomes this move by Social Security Administration."
A Freedom of Information Act request from NCTE showed that 711,488 gender no-match letters were sent in 2010 alone.
NCTE executive director Mara Keisling said in a news release about the development, "Ending this practice, which has endangered transgender people and our jobs, has been a priority for NCTE and we are pleased that the SSA has updated its policy."


Anonymous said...

God I hope the hell this isn't the only reason SSA stopped using gender to verify an SSN for an employer. I guess it's better that a person illegally use an SSN than the employer find out Sally is really Bob. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is crass political correctness at its worst. Part of identity verification is knowing the correct gender. The libs just can't stand anything to do with pure facts and truth.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. It can just lead to further complications in filing for disability, retirement, and survivor benefits if numberhilders are not alerted to possible errors on their numident record.

Chicago Social Security Disability Attorneys said...

Its really nice to hear that SSA has ends gender for social security. Thanks for the information shared.

Anonymous said...

I think it is more likely that a lot of them were wrong, so why spend the money to send them and then more money to fix the misunderstandings. If the name Peter is used and the worker's a lady, do we need SSA to point out the problem? Plus, the crazy names people get (like, even, Shawn Johnson (?), the girl gymnast) make it too likely to not make sense anyway.