Dec 3, 2013

A New Right Wing Group Attacks Social Security Disability

     There's a Social Security disability hit piece in today's issue of The Hill, written by MacMillin Slobodien, the executive director of Our Generation which has recently launched Reform SSDI Now. This is almost certainly a Koch Brothers front organization.


Anonymous said...

Having been in the Agency for only 17 years, perhaps someone can explain this to me: "Take for example a Minnesota man who faked dementia to collect nearly $7,000 per month in benefits;" How does anyone receive $7,000.00 per month in benefits?? Kind of classifies the whole article??

Anonymous said...

Private disability payments and Social Security payments

Anonymous said...

Well in that case, I have a disabled medical doctor that is collecting just over $13,000.00 per month, including his Title II benefits. Hardly scamming anybody, it's all rightfully his.. What can I say? Nothing wrong with Social Security here.

Anonymous said...

I read Slobodien's 10 examples of the worst Social Security fraud. Yes, we can all agree they deserved to be caught and prosecuted, and they were. Good work, OIG and federal prosecutors, by the way.

What Slobodien hopes you will overlook is that few if any of the incidents would be prevented by making the disability standard more difficult. These were cases of people who lied or concealed information and got away with it for awhile before they were caught. If he believes there are tons of similar fraud cases out there, the simple answer is to allocate more resources to OIG and to continuing disability reviews. The reason Slobodien relies on small handfuls of sensational cases and anecdotes is because he likely knows that the serious research shows a reasonably low fraud incident rate.

Slobodien shills like a snake oil salesman for Social Security cuts. He wants the baby (many legitimately disabled claimants) thrown out with the bath water (people committing fraud). Sorry, Slobodien. We're not buying.

Anonymous said...