Dec 4, 2013

Getting Worse By The Month

     Some statistics from Social Security's Caseload Analysis Report and National Ranking Report, courtesy of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR):

Average hearing office processing time:
FY 2012: 353 days
FY 2013: 382 days

Cases pending hearing office disposition over 270 days:
FY 2012: 271,557
FY 2013: 288,622

Cases pending hearing office disposition over 365 days:
FY 2012: 130,617
FY 2013: 149,288

Attorney Adjudicator dispositions of requests for hearing:
FY 2012: 37,423
FY 2013: 18,625


Anonymous said...

coincidence? I do not believe so.

Anonymous said...

Charles, this is great! We, as SSD attorneys, make more money because there is more backpay! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Not with arbitrary amended onset dates from skiddish ALJs...

Anonymous said...

Unlike the alleged onset dates from the day the factory closed.. I like amended onset dates and use them a lot. Normally these cases are progressive in nature and I pay them based upon the evidence in the record. Impairments get worse with time, ergo, a later onset date than alleged.. Makes sense..

Anonymous said...

On a recent SAA conference call (and before in SAA training), we were told that the NSU is limiting the total number of SAA decisions issued this year. However, we were never told what that cap for this year is. Everyone went out of their way to avoid saying it, though I will admit nobody ever asked for the figure point blank during any discussion I was part of regarding it.