Dec 3, 2013

Congressional Leaders Reported To Be Close To Budget Deal

     Politico reports that Congressional leaders are close to a budget deal that would avoid another shutdown. The deal would include additional revenue from fee increases and would replace about $80 billion in sequester cuts over the next two years. Changes in federal retirement benefits may be part of the deal. The reductions in the sequester cuts would be evenly divided between defense and domestic spending. It's too early to say whether there would be any additional or increased Social Security fees or whether the Social Security Administration would get some sequestration relief.


Anonymous said...

good to hear that employees will be the losers (reduction in retirement) and beneficiaries (many who have NEVER worked) will continue to get COLA.

Anonymous said...

I also find it charming that I have been expected to make up for increased workload from staff attrition with no raise for years. Now, I'm expected to work less. Let's see how that works out.

Anonymous said...

It really is maddening that federal workers have been taking effective paycuts for three years now, and look to take even more. Please don't chime in about the private sector. Your pension/benefits envy needs to be directed towards your corporate masters who give you too few benefits.

It always blows my mind how private sector workers look at federal employee pay and benefits, look at private sector pay and benefits, and come to the conclusion that the solution is to bring down the former instead of raising back (I say "back" because not that long ago private employers actually provided for their employees in a similar fashion. But then, executive compensation was much lower, and taxes were much higher so...) the latter.

Be mad that the private sector is screwing you, not that the public sector is still sometimes doing right by its employees.