Dec 5, 2013

Obama Speaks On Disability Programs

     From remarks made by President Obama yesterday:
[W]e should be willing to look at fresh ideas to revamp unemployment and disability programs to encourage faster and higher rates of re-employment without cutting benefits.  We shouldn't weaken fundamental protections built over generations, because given the constant churn in today’s economy and the disabilities that many of our friends and neighbors live with, they're needed more than ever.  We should strengthen them and adapt them to new circumstances so they work even better.
     An additional note: The White House is probably working now on next year's State of the Union address and is certainly working on the President's budget for Fiscal Year 2015.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that the President should message this. The centerpiece of his budget for SSA last year was a special account to increase the number of CDRs into the millions each year, while at the same time reducing services in other areas. In other words, his own priority is to kick people off of the disability rolls, while new applicants for benefits wait longer and longer.

Anonymous said...

I would add that Obama's words were just a classic example of a politician saying nothing, but eloquently. As usual.

bryan flake said...
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