Dec 27, 2013

Six Big Changes Coming To Social Security Disability

     Damian Palleta has a triumphalist article in the Wall Street Journal or maybe just his personal blog -- it's hard to tell online -- about six changes that the Social Security Administration is undertaking to tighten up its disability program because of articles he has written. One could argue about about which of these may actually come to pass or mean anything but one cannot argue about the fact that Palleta is confused. The first change he lists is to what he refers to as the "Listings" but he is talking about updating the agency's vocational information system. The second change he lists is to the grid regulations but he does not specify what change he is talking about. I'm pretty sure no such change is in the works.
     Update: And there's another WSJ piece on the change in the Administrative Law Judge job description.


Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with you, Charles, but reading the comments to these WSJ articles re: SSA makes me cringe. The public is completely un- and misinformed, and so hostile towards benefits.

Man, when did Americans get so angry?

Anonymous said...

Since the KOCHs(John Birch Society members) invented the Tea Party...