Dec 30, 2013

Nice Try

     There's a new meme coming from the right. Sure, we ought to increase Social Security benefits, but only for the poor. We'll do it by means testing Social Security. Andrew Biggs started this but others are chiming in. I think it's a good idea to remind everyone that Social Security will not change in any fundamental way until one very determined party completely dominates the White House and the Congress. That's not coming anytime soon. Even if the Republicans did dominate the White House and the Congress I'd be amazed if they attempted this. If they did, they wouldn't control the White House and the Congress much longer.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for "Automatic IRA's" or "Automatic Guaranteed Annuities".

The feds are waiting for or looking to create the conditions under which Social Security can be cut and reformed. They want any changes to seem necessary and accecptable by the public. The growing retirement crisis or the 2016 disability trust fund situation could be the focus to allow these Auto IRA's to be set up alongside Social Security. We could run the risk that FICA would be gradually reduced as incremental privatization begins. So beware of Obama if he starts to talk about dealing with the retirement crisis.

Anonymous said...

There is no "retirement crisis". I heard the same old, same old when I began working for SSA back in 1976 -- and Pres. Reagan tweaked enough in 1983 to keep social security going just fine for 30 years. We just need an adjustment or two, to keep social security going for the next 30 years.
Not even the military is funded for the next 30 years -- social security is singled out due to political agendas.