Dec 27, 2013

New Allegations In Conn Lawsuit

     The Herald-Dispatch of Huntington, WV, is reporting that the plaintiffs in the qui tam lawsuit against Eric Conn are now alleging that Conn paid cash to Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) David Daugherty in exchange for favorable decisions in his clients' Social Security disability claims. Remember, folks, these are allegations which may or may not be true. I can allege that there are planets that are solid diamonds. That may or may not be true but my alleging it doesn't make it true.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, the allegations are made on the basis of "information and belief", but the complaint fails to provide that information. Also interesting that this is only being alleged now, months after the complaint was filed. Grasping for straws?

Anonymous said...

For all nonlawyers, let me explain that. Except for a few claims/crimes/torts requiring higher standards, one can just make a really brief, general statement in her pleading and let the facts come out during discovery or trial.